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Hikvision is one of the most feature-rich CCTV products on the market today at one of the most affordable price points. Hikvision’s facial recognition software and equipment are widely used in various business applications. Tide with access control workers can scan faces to open doors or turnstiles in an office building. Facial recognition allows large numbers of authorized people to flow into the building quickly. ANPR, or Automatic Number Plate Recognition (LPR), revolutionized traffic enforcement from its infancy. Today, this technology is finding its way into our daily lives, from parking management to toll collection and beyond. The software is helping to reduce traffic violations and find stolen or uninsured vehicles.  The Door Access Company now offer a range of Hikvision Cameras, Network (NVR) and Digital Video (DVR) Recorders at the most competitive prices available within the UK. For a full range of our Hikvision products click Hikvision CCTV