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A guide for choosing the right access control system.

  1. Safety (is the system and design safe to use?)
  2. Security (is the system secure? Does it create vulnerabilities?)
  3. Reliability (is the system guaranteed to work?)
  4. Practical (is it a practical system for users to use?)
  5. Cost (is the system affordable)

"Cheap and Cheerful"


"Safe and Secure"

Cost should always be a consideration but not at the expense of other higher priorities.  If access control systems become unreliable or  insecure, if they are unsafe, maybe even a fire hazard due to their design or a physical danger? The Health and Safety Executive may ask you to rip them out, or you may even find they are unusable after a short period of time, simply because they stop working in the cold or when it rains.

Think about the long run and your system requirements, quality and practical design should always be high up your priorities list. Be it a main office door or an internal warehouse door the safety and security of the business, its employees and customers should always be the highest priority. Access control can be installed on fire safety doors with the appropriate equipment. Access control can also be both a security provision and a simple deterrent to restrict unwanted access.

Your choice of mechanism for restricting access also needs to be considered. For example Maglocks work by generating a magnetic field while energized or powered up, these electromagnetic locks prevents a door or gate from opening with differing degrees of magnetic force. These Maglocks also need a constant supply of power and are therefore fail-safe mechanisms.

To quote the American Office of Research facilities “All electronic door locks are power activated; The terms “safe” and “secure” indicate the condition of the door on the secure side (key side, outside). Fail safe or fail secure refers to what happens when the door controller has failed and/or there is no power to the unit. Fail safe means when no power is applied the door is unlocked; fail secure means when no power is applied the door is locked.”

Electric strikes can be fail-secure (fail locked) or fail safe (fail open) and are a Physical barrier to deter entry. Another physical barrier is the Solenoid Bolt and the electronic latch which are some of the most secure ways to restrict access to your building. Secure to enable access to people you want to be authorized for entry, and restrict those you don’t.

We realise cost is often the biggest factor in the choice of control system chosen, everyone wants a small outlay. However if you pay cheap, you sometimes pay twice. We often deal with customer who have purchased cheaper single door kits found online, who then find a short time later they simply aren’t fit for purpose.

Reliability, longevity, and also expandability are other terms we hear after “cheap and cheerful” systems have simply stopped working for customers. UK temperature drops and rain often affect the components of cheaper systems. Systems that have little to no warranties or guarantees. The Door Access Company offers quality products at the cheapest online prices available. The Paxton range of equipment is a guaranteed for 5 Years a sign of confidence and quality in products. We would always recommend a certified Paxton installer for the installation of any Paxton products.

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